MIG200S Inverter Welding Machine

MIG-200 Inverter CO2 gas shielded welding machine is adopted internationally with its advanced inverter technology. It rectifies alternating current to direct current, uses high power IGBT inverter direct current to high frequency alternating current (with frequency up to 20KHZ) , reduces voltage and rectifies. 

MIG200S Inverter Welding Machine

Product Details

  • Advanced IGBT inverter technology, current mode control, reliable quality and stable performance. 
  • Closed-loop feedback, constant output voltage with strong ability to resist voltage fluctuation of power grid. 
  • Electronics inductor control, stable welding process, small arc splatter, deep molten bath. 
  • Wire feeding slowly when arc starting, ball cutting after welding.
  • Applicable for thin plates above 0.8mm. 
  • Burn back time can be adjusted. 
  • With lock and un-lock function , convenience for long time welding. 
  • Small, light, easy operation, economical and practical. 
  • The efficiency can be more than 85% , energy-saving more than 30% compare to traditional welder models.
MIG200S Inverter Welding Machine

Product Parameters



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